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Autonomous detectors gas, smoke and carbon monoxide
They are designed to detect the presence of gases that may endanger the safety and human health. Detect gas leakage from the cooking and heating installations in houses, LPG gas, propane-butane, methane, gasoline fumes and solvents, carbon monoxide - extremely dangerous, odorless gas which if inhaled can cause death. These detectors operate autonomously, without having to mount in expensive fire alarms, depending on the model are powered by battery or mains AC230V.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector
Model: JKD603

Continuous CO detection, alarm sound over 85dB, low battery alarm, red LED to indicate danger, green LED to indicate correct operation, memory function stores last measured concentration of carbon monoxide which triggered alarm, the function of alarm test, measurement carbon monoxide concentration in the range from 30ppm to 999ppm, 3-digit LCD display indicates the concentration and state of the detector, automatic diagnostics of the sensor, low power consumption, sensor tested twice in the production process, operating conditions: temperature 5 ~ 40 ° C, humidity 20 ~ 90%, battery powered, 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (included)

Integrated carbon monoxide detector and gases LPG and LNG with alarm output
Model: JKD610COM

Acoustic and visual alarm, no calibration needed, test button to check the correct operation of the sensor, LCD display showing the concentration of gas in the air and power state, automatic diagnostic of accuracy of the sensor, alarm light and alarm sound over 85 dB, separate signal for flammable gases and CO, low energy consumption, easy installation, mounting accessories included, alarm output to control valve or fan etc. detects natural gas, propane / butane, carbon monoxide
Power supply: AC230V/50 ~ 60Hz
Optional emergency power supply with 9V battery


Gas sensor
Model: RCG410

High detection sensitivity, Loud sound signal of 85dB at alarm mode, Green and red LED lights that indicate normal operation and alarm status, Test button to verify proper operation, Type of Gas sensed: LPG(Propane, Butane), Natural gas(Methane), Less affected by other organic solvent, Power supply: AC230V/ 50~60Hz, Low power consumption 1,7W, Operation ambient condition: -5-50°C, 20~95%R.H.

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