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Module Multi Unit Entry Panel
The module system allows to configure numerous solutions of the panel setting and to adjust it to the existing technical conditions and to the number of occupants that the system will work for. The panel is made of ALUMINIUM. The thermal treatment of the material that was used in the production of the panel creates a barrier against environmental factors which the panel is exposed to. A durable and esthetical layer was created in the process of electrostatical varnishing. The directory frames are made of policarbonate plastic, which assures high resistance against tarnishing caused by UV radiation and against mechanical damages. It also makes the underlighting of the names very effective. Mechanical buttons made of STAINLESS STEEL. Correctly designed and protected electronical system, the most exposed elements of which have to assure reliability of work.

Entry Panel with a proximity key reader
The panels are equipped with an electronic reader which allows opening of the door with a small electronic key. The door opening takes place when the key is brought close to the reader. The standard proximity key reader can store up to 384 keys. It also allows to adjust the time of release of the lock. The programming process done by installers (storing, deleting) means setting the system and entering the keys. The process takes usualy just a few minutes. The panel with the electronic reader can work with each of the Elfon power supplies or other that has required technical parameters. People often face problems connected with opening of the door. The electronic reader was designed with the purpose to make their life more comfortable.

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