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ELFON, Domofony Producent, zestawy domofonowe dwuprzewodowe, interkomowe

Digital Systems OPTIMA255 Doorphone Sets   Multi unit Doorphone Video Doorphone Power Supplies and Relays Certyfications

Cheetah 2012

Cheetah 2011

We are pleased to announce that another year our company is among the companies honored with the award "Business Cheetahs 2012" This prize is awarded annually for the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. The purpose of the "Business Cheetahs" is to identify companies whose market value increased the most in last two or four years. The methodology used in the competition "Business Cheetahs" shows how much the company would be worth if its stocks were listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. On behalf of "European company" magazine analysis were conducted by InfoCredit - Business information company - this is how Competition results were achieved. The results are announced at the Conferences of Business, page www.gepardybiznesu.pl and magazine "European company".

Company 2012

Company 2011

Elfon Ltd was found among the most efficient companies in 2012 according to the ranking of fifth edition of the "Effective Company 2012" competition. This ranking helps to assess the financial credibility of the company, as it helps to determine how the company is profitable.
Of the 50,000 companies there were selected those that had every year at least 1 million PLN revenue showed a net profit and the value of their capital was positive. Their effectiveness was counted by Institute of Modern Business. Companies where a four-year average net profit to operating income is higher than 5 percent. were considered as effective company in 2012.
Rzetelna Firma
We participate in the program Reliable Company and provide a range of information indicative of our credibility. Issued by the National Debt Register Certificate is a special acknowledgment of our reliability. This certificate attests that transactions with us are safe and our company is a reliable business partner.
ISO 9001 Certyficate
We care about our customers and therefore we have introduced ISO 9001 quality management system. According to the system every products which leaves our plant is fully tested in extreme work conditions which helps us to eliminate any defects.
Our products fulfill EU standards (the CE sign RoHS) and safety standards, which has been confirmed by Polish Centre of Research and Certification.
Our products meet the standards of the European Union, Polish Standard PN and safety requirements which was confirmed by certificates issued by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification.

Since 1991 ELFON has been designing and manufacturing doorphone facilities and especially DOORPHONE SETS for customers who want to purchase a doorphone system without bothering about configuration of particular elements.

Our products have changed a lot over the years, starting from manufacturing technology, promoting modern construction solutions and highly qualified staff who make thousands of satisfied customers appreciate the quality of our products.

We would like every ELFON product to help its users in their every day life and work. We also want all those who co-operate with us to be satisfied and successful.

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